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The Truth of Our Emotions

To judge Self for feeling a certain way... is acidic.  It is unkind.  Judging ourselves as "weak" for feeling anxious pours fuel onto the fire of our internal pain, and through our self-judgement, we separate ourselves from our own Truth - our blameless feelings. Self-judgement does not generate Inner Harmony; rather, it prolongs our suffering. … Continue reading The Truth of Our Emotions

Healing The Issue ~ With Compassion

It seems prevalent in our society that people judge by appearances alone.  When I seek to understand why, the Truth becomes clear:  A closed Heartspace, which means people "live in their heads," which means people become easily fearfully self-protective, which means people do not recognise that all around them... is God's Infinite Love, and with … Continue reading Healing The Issue ~ With Compassion

The Breathing Truth In You, Me and All

Beyond appearance, which blazes in countless ways, lives the Breathing Truth: My Truest Desire Is Love. Beyond anger, criticism, rudeness, judgements, aggression, anxiety, flattery, manipulation, sarcasm... and fake smiles... awaits a Blameless Heart ready and eager to love, to feel love, to realise love, to know love.  Each and every one of us wants to … Continue reading The Breathing Truth In You, Me and All